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Admin Module

  • Setting Up a New Project
  • Creating a Project
  • Admin Elements Form
  • Databases
  • Including and Copying Foreign Databases
  • Creating Teams
  • Creating Users
  • Multiple Databases (MDBs)
  • Copying and Including from the Sample Project

Paragon Module

  • Create Specification Form
  • Setting Specification Attributes
  • Create Part World Form
  • Create Part Family Form
  • Create Category Form
  • Creating Components

Specon Module

  • Copying specification
  • Deleting Specification
  • Output spec table
  • Explanation of Heading and catref.

Lexicon Module

  • Create LEXICON Group
  • Create a UDA or USDA
  • Create a UDET
  • Adding UDA with component

Equipment Module

  • Starting the Equipment Application
  • Creating a SITE and a ZONE
  • Creating Equipment
  • Creating Primitives
  • Creating an Extrusion
  • Creating a Revolution
  • Creating Nozzles
  • Creating Electrical Components
  • Modifying Equipment
  • Modifying Nozzle Specifications
  • Modifying Electrical Component Selection
  • Modifying Primitives
  • Modifying Stretch / Trim a Primitives
  • Parameterised Design Template Equipment
  • Working with coordinate
  • Attributes editing
  • Model Editor

Piping Module

  • Starting the Pipework Application
  • Setting a Default Specification
  • Creating a Simple Pipework Sequence
  • Quick Pipe Routing
  • Pipe Routing Handle
  • Pipework Component Bore and Specification
  • Pipe Splitting
  • Checking for Clashes
  • Generating Isometric Plots
  • Adding Components to a Route
  • Insertion of Reducers at Bore Changes
  • Slope pipe routing

Structural Module

  • Creating a Simple Structure
  • Straight Sections
  • Setting the Default Specification for Profiles
  • Creating Sections Explicitly
  • Creating Sections Using Graphical Picking
  • Trimming Connected Section Ends to Correct
  • Adding and Modifying Simple Bracing
  • Adding Standard Bracing Configurations
  • Adding Panels and Plates
  • Stair Flight Assembly
  • Ladder Assembly
  • Platform Assembly
  • Handrail Assembly

Isodraft Module

  • Introduction to ISODRAFT
  • Types of Isometrics
  • Isometric Output Format
  • Setting up a Reference Dimension
  • Data Consistency Checking
  • Customising the Drawing Sheet
  • Splitting Long Pipelines
  • Dimensioning
  • Plotting Complete System Isometrics
  • Plotting Complete Standard Isometrics
  • Symbol Keys
  • Setup Option file

Draft Module

  • Drawing the Design
  • Creating a Drawing, a Sheet and a View
  • Adding Elements to 3D View
  • VIEW Frame positioning, View Size, View Centre, View Scale
  • Orientation of View Contents
  • Setting the VIEW
  • Creating Section Planes
  • Plotting and Drawing Output
  • Creating Configurable DXF and DWG Output
  • Linear Dimensions
  • Multi-valued Dimensions
  • Radial Dimensions
  • Angular Dimensions
  • Creating and Manipulating Labels
  • Creating Text
  • 2D Drafting
  • Creating ISODRAFT Symbol Templates

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Any Engineering Degree/Diploma/ITI/Higher School completed student or Experienced professional peole can learn. 

Any Engineering Degree/Diploma/ITI/Higher School completed student or Experienced professional peole can learn.

Yes. You can take the course when exam holidays , so it will very useful to your education and future carrier.

Yes, The jobs are vastly available in USA, Canada, UAE, India …etc. The ability you learn as much you can get job soon.

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Convenience and flexibility are the most common advantages of online classes. Taking classes online is ideal for someone who wants to continue working. Online classes allow you to fit school into your schedule when it’s convenient for you. Their is no time frame for you. Whenever you get time that time you can learn.

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The  faculty having good experience more than 15 years in oil and gas field , Power sector , so you will get more knowledge practically. 

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