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E3D software is latest version of PDMS 12.1 .The E3D Administration is a software customization of E3D software. After completing this software you can able to create project, catalogue and spec like valve, special instrument, etc. and not only creating the component also you can customize isometric drawing sheet through Isoadmin.

At the end of the course you will perform all task given in the company. Because our teaching will be practically to our student. Kindly refer the syllabus below which we are going to cover in the course. This course is for next level of E3D designer who wants to upgrade their knowledge in E3D.













  • Setting Up a New Project
  • Creating a Project
  • Editing evars.bat file
  • Admin Elements Form
  • Databases
  • Including and Copying Foreign Databases
  • Creating Teams
  • Creating Users
  • Database creation
  • DB numbering
  • Project replication
  • Data integraty check
  • DB merging
  • Expunging
  • Multiple Databases (MDBs)
  • Copying and Including from the Sample Project
  • Creating ACR
  • Query project
  • Inter DB macros


  • Understanding SPEC vs CATA
  • Create New Specification
  • Working with spec form
  • Setting Specification Attributes
  • Create Part World Form
  • Create Part Family Form
  • Create Category
  • Working with category form
  • Geometric set
  • Point set
  • Assigning symbol key
  • Creating Components
  • Creating Branch table
  • Creating Nominal Bore table
  • Creating Reducer Table
  • Creating thickness table
  • Creating COCO table
  • Assigning Bolt


  • Introduction to ISODRAFT
  • Types of Isometrics
  • Isometric Output Format
  • Setting up a Reference Dimension
  • Data Consistency Checking
  • Customising the Drawing Sheet
  • Creating .PLT file
  • Creating Backing sheet
  • Splitting Long Pipelines
  • Dimensioning
  • Plotting Complete System Isometrics
  • Plotting Complete Standard Isometrics
  • Symbol Keys creation
  • Importing Iso symbol
  • Setup Option file
  • Understanding A-Text


  • Creating and Manipulating Labels
  • Setting Draw user defaults
  • Creating ISODRAFT Symbol Templates
  • Backing sheet setup
  • 2D Symbolic Representation Symbols
  • AVEVA E3D Draw Symbol Sets – A Worked Example
  • Creating a Label Library – A Worked Example
  • Creating a Tag Rule Library – A Worked Example
  • Creating a Representation Library – A Worked Example


  • Copying specification
  • Deleting Specification
  • Output spec table
  • Explanation of Heading and catref
  • Understanding Selectors Answers


  • Create LEXICON Group
  • Create a UDA or USDA
  • Create a UDET
  • Adding UDA with component


It gives us immense pleasure to know that we have happy customers.

“The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won’t make me confused. Thank you so much for this great course.

A detailed review of one of the most important skills in academic research: information seeking. In particular, I enjoyed the tutorials on Mendeley and reference management tools. Highly recommended.”


Process Engineer

“This is a great overview of the resource or reference collection processes for academic literature review endeavors – be it narrative or systematic. While I highly recommend this course for college students who are about to work on their research requirements, I personally found this course useful beyond that stage in helping me identify best practices to improve my own work. Personally, I thank this course for finally convincing me to routinely use reference management software products – something that I wish I started doing roughly a decade earlier.”



“This course is very thorough and detailed. As a mechanic specialist, I have had no exposure to formal research and needed to understand the process. Now I can clearly and confidently say that I can perform good research and obtain formal information and data on any topic, as opposed to just surfing the internet for genuine knowledge. Great course, well done to the instructors.”


Mechanical Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suitable for freshers?

Any Engineering Degree/Diploma/ITI/Higher School completed student or Experienced professional people can learn.

What is the benefit of the online course?

Convenience and flexibility are the most common advantages of online classes. Taking classes online is ideal for someone who wants to continue working. Online classes allow you to fit school into your schedule when it’s convenient for you. Their is no time frame for you. Whenever you get time that time you can learn.

I am studying my schooling or college still shall I take course?

Yes. You can take the course when exam holidays , so it will very useful to your education and future carrier.

I have to pay full payment at the time of admission?

No, you no need to pay unless otherwise you satisfied with our teaching. First attend the two classes and you decide to continue then pay.

I can get job immediately after completing job?

Yes, The jobs are vastly available in USA, Canada, UAE, India …etc. The ability you learn as much you can get job soon.

Shall I take free demo class?

Yes. You can do. Leave your number in the form or you can whatsup message to us.

I am experienced in one particular department but I am
jobless I want to switch my carrier in another department?

Yes, You can. Just take the course and we share the knowledge study material of the particular department. So you you can develop as much as in the field. Then you travel both way whichever you want.

What are the teaching language you use?

English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, … etc

For studying course is their any age limit?

Yes, You can. Just take the course and we share the knowledge study material of the particular department. So you you can develop as much as in the field. Then you travel both way whichever you want.