Month: February 2020

What is piping part I

What is the piping system ? developing layout of control station and valves, access requirement, piping components. Providing proper straight length of pipe before and after valve or fittings or instruments Orientation of piping component,…

What is piping part II

What is meaning of pipe?  The pipe is a tubler item which is carrying fluid (Gas, Liquid and Air) from one place to another place. It might be made of Ferrous or Non-Ferrous. This pipe…

Piping Illustration Very Easy

What is the different between Aspen Hysys and Aspen Plus

Aspen Hysys This is the software dealing with Oil&Gas Upstream Downstream process simulation. Aspen Plus This is the software for dealing only Chemical industries process simulations. For more detailing refer company website-

What and why code is used in piping engineering

Code is the number to given construction method for particular component safely. Different country having different standard as their own research. It is depend upon client requirement the company should use the code. MAJOR ORGANIZATION…

Piping tips

What is PDMS in engineering software

What is PID in piping ?

PID stands for piping and Instruments Diagram which is consist of piping start point to end point, and in the line instrument which is needed included. Instruments like valve, orifice, control valve, ESDV ( emergency…

How to create Intool Admin,Domain,dept,user,group,plant,name conversion


India                     BIS : Bureau of Indian standards. S.A                   ASME : American Society of Mechanical Engineers United Kingdom   BSI…